Monday, February 28, 2011

Meant to be

Today I attended a workshop in Fort Smith on Attachment Disorder for a child we have this year that is struggling. I know it was meant to be for me to be there today not only for her but for Pate. If I had a check list I would have checked over half the things she said today that applied to Pate. Even though we got Pate when she was so young the attachment mechanism in your brain starts developing at birth until 18 months. We got Pate just a few months shy of that and I have always worried that would be a problem. I have to say she has gotten better (knock on wood) but she still has her moments that really worry me. She always has a fear of leaving me, if its to go to school or when I just run to Walmart but I was hoping it was just her age. After today I know different. The good news is it can be fixed and she can learn to trust and not have the worries she has of us leaving. Belive me we aren't going ANYWHERE. We are here for the long haul no matter what obstacles we have to overcome. Its a learning process for the whole family. This is all so different for us, JT has never had these issues so its new for us all.
On another note, baseball is starting this week!! Our house is a little stressed and chaotic but its a good kind of nervous energy. The weather looks like it will be beautiful for the games. JT starts this weekend so the kids and I will be in Fay while Craig is finishing up his tournament. Ive been getting in alot of running lately and hope to get in atleast 4 more days this week. Im glad my parents are here to help take the kids here and there for me when I need them to so I can get my 45 minutes to myself to run. Medicine for my soul.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

Ive always heard it said there is a "calm after the storm". I went on a run today after school and that was the exact thought that came to my head. It was pouring as school let out today but by the time I got home it had quit and the sun was trying to peak through. As I ran it seemed unusally quiet and all I heard was birds. The weather was cool, perfect for running. It made me think about how you sometimes think that when something bad happens in your life and you cant see the end of the tunnel and you wonder if things will ever go back to normal, that if you have trust in God there will be "a calm after the storm". I have finally come to that point in my life. I feel normal again and the "storm has passed". The little things will soon pass and what really matters in life outweigh the nonsence things.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 21st, 2008

I was hoping to get to blog this yesterday but busy busy busy with everyday life. Yesterday was the three year anniversary that Pate came into our lives. We got her when she was 14 months old. I remember it like it was yesterday. She was so quiet and yet so willing to go with me. No tears, just looks of curiosity. I know I have blogged all about our adventure and journey with Pate but I did want to recognize this day and let her know how thankful every day we are to God for bringing her into our lives. She has touched everyone she has come to know in a different way. She is our blessing that we prayed for for years. Pate was in our "plan" of life and I will forever be greatful to be her mommy. We love you Pate!

On another note, JT went with me today on my run. He was cracking me up. He kept saying "mom your killing me". I had to keep reminding him that I was the one running, he could atleast glide down the hills. It was nice to have the one on one time with him that we rarely ever get anymore. I hope he joins me more often.
Next week is opening baseball for Craig and JT. Craig is starting to lose sleep like he does every year about this time and it last through May. Craig starts next Thursday with a 3 day tournment and JT starts next Friday in Fay. I guess I will be with him all weekend. It's a crazy time of the year for us but I love every minute of it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy weekend

Baseball has officially taken over our lives. Craig and JT both had practice Sat and Sun this weekend. Today JTs lasted from 1:30-6:00!!! I have to say they did take about a 45 minute break and grill hotdogs and play a little basketball. Just a few games left with basketball and I cant say I'm too dissapointed. Basketball is just not our thing in the Jones house. Its a take it or leave it kindof game. I got a run/walk in yesterday which was wonderful and hoping for a few pretty days this week. Next month starts all the 5k/10k races again. Im really looking forward to that. Its seems easier to get out there on the days I want to be lazy if I know I am doing it to train for a goal.
I feel like Im leaving alot out today but Im tired, its been a long day and Im ready to get in my "biscuit" (my bed). I saw a quote on facebook this week that said "why be friends with someone that makes you an option and not a priority". It made me think about my life and thank God I have the friends I do. What a sad and lonely life that could be. Here's a few pics I took with my phone today out at the field.
Hotdog Break

Theses may be the most onery bunch of boys!

A great group of siblings that play GREAT together.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyday could be like today!!

What a gorgeous day. I could do without the wind but I will take these temps any day. I ended up running 5 1/2 miles and could have went longer but the kids were on their way home from being with their Grandma so I needed to get home. I know theses temps are too good to be true, and will be gone as quick as they came, but I will take what I can get. JT is getting into the swing of things with baseball. He was supposed to actually play in his first tournament this weekend but it didnt make. Maybe next weekend. Pate finally got to go back to tumbling yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. After being sick and then two weeks of snow it had been a while. Not that that stopped her any. Our house is her all the time gym. I think Ive said this before but she doesnt walk through the house, she cartwheels.
Some changes are coming to Craig at work that we hope will be for the best. We will find out hopefully sometime soon, so I hope that I can share within the next few weeks. Its in God's hands, so whatever happens, happens. I also found out yesterday that we are getting a nice bonus at work coming soon. So, this week has been a great one for the Jones'. (knock on wood) ;0)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful weekend and Valentines Day

This weekend was gorgeous!! I finally got to run outside after a week of the treaded tredmill. It was a little hard first time out but its gotten easier each day. I could live with this weather everyday! Saturday Pate had a playdate with Kenzie and they played so good together. The main thing they played was dress-up. I think they each at one time had every outfit on. I was able to snap one pic.

Yesterday I was able to relax, run, go to walmart and get some things done that I was needing to. JT had practice at the same place and time as Craig so he was able to go with him. Pate and I made a cake last night. (which is already half gone). This morning I woke up to a sweet card and AWESOME gift from my hubby and a cookie cake from the kids.(thats half gone too). I had a great day at school today, as an "angel"(haha)  with some of my favorite 3rd graders. They always make these days fun and unforgetable. I got all kinds of sweet gifts and enough chocolate to last me the rest of the year. It was a great way to get back in the swing of things on our first day back from our long break. Here are a few pics from today.

Birthday girl!

Crazy kids!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to reality

Well, I am SHOCKED we are home again today.Craig is back at school and Im kinda jealous he will be out before we will be.  We have spent the last two days sledding, four wheeling, and trying to build snowmen but I am definetly OVER it. Ready for next weeks temps. JT has a rescheduled Birthday party to go to today and Pate and I are going to still meet my normally scheduled lunch date, Tara, at Fiesta. Then maybe off for some retail therapy, havent done that in a while. I am definelty ready to get back to reality and be back on a normal schedule. Pate's lack of naps or late naps are killing us all. Girls got attitude when she doesnt get sleep. Funny story about Pate; last night we were playing house with her babies and she gives me one and says "this is your baby and her name is Emma". I say ok, and then she says "when did you "dopt" her". LOL Girl thinks everyone was adopted. Innocensce is so sweet.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Play Day!

We had a blast today with some friends out in the snow. I am going to be sore tomorrow .Lost my iphone for about 30 minutes which was sickning but prayed to St. Anthony and Craig found it!!  Here are some of the dozen of pictures I took today.
Pate and Kenzie ready to go! (they didnt last too long)

Me, Jill, Kelly and Leslie

Craig trying to make us wreck

The McMahan's

The girls in a race. So much fun!

Jill is a dare devil

Pate as the Tangle girl

Latching together and taking off!

Jill wiped out, just a little. ;0)

The Watt's

Jonesy on his first ride.

Me and the kids


The Young's

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girls Night Out

Tonight was a blast. Megan, Jill, Leslie and I went to eat. Kelly wasn't able to come but we will fill her in on all she missed. 2 1/2 hours went by before we knew it. We are on opposite ends of the school so its nice to actually sit and talk and not just a "hey" in passing in the lounge. All these girls are the most down to earth, kind hearted, FUN girls. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Now back home with my babies wishing I knew if we were going to school or not. Big plans are already made for sledding tomorrow so I will be very disappointed if it doesn't happen. I am really looking forward to the "placemat" sled Jill is bringing. ;0)
Hopefully I will have lots of pics to post tomorrow. Here's to 10 inches of snow!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Video wouldn't post, so if you want to see its on my fb.

Not so bad after all

I was kind of dreading today. I usually would so much rather be with my kids than in PD. Today was a nice change of pace. We got finished up with our book study early so had a good amount of time to work in our room this morning and then a great lunch with a bunch of fun girls. So, it was definetly not as bad I was thinking it would be.  Not sure what the weather has in store for us this week but not looking like we'll make it all week again. I have dinner plans tomorrow night with a bunch of crazy girls but not sure that will make either. Leslie says rain, sleet, snow or shine we are going. Im with ya girl!! We've put this off too long. Since I work at school I don't get to make JTs PT conferences so I got his midterms today and I am so proud of him. He has become quite the student this year. He loves his teachers and he's in a great class so he looks forward to every day. Such a great feeling as a parent.
Alot of people think Pate is shy. When you see her in public she may not speak or hide her face in my shoulder. People dont believe when we say she is SO the opposite. We literally have to tell her to quit dancing some days. I have to say though,  the girls got moves. Id like to say its genetic but..................... I wish I knew how to cut and paste a bunch of videos ive taken of her but here is one from yesterday. It was a "mild" day for her. She definetly keeps us entertained. ;0)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

My gosh, I dont think anyone imagined the "dusting" we were gonna get. It does look beautiful this morning and Pate is itching to get out there again. Here are a few pics from one day last week we were stuck in the house and a few from yesterdays snow.
Pate loves wearing my boots.

The trampoline was a sheet of ice and snow on top of that.

Pate and her side kick, Babs.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enough already

Ok, I love a snow day or two but ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I really wanted to get out and do some things today but........ P/T conferences went great last night. I have the best class this year which also equals great parents. Makes for a good night. Wed night Mer, Tara and I got to eat for Mer's birthday. We actually got to sit and relax and enjoy our meal without rushing. Craig and I are supposed to go eat tonight but we'll see what the weather has planned for us. Looking at the weather for the next week and it looks like I wont get to get out and run anytime soon. Treadmill will have to do. ;0(  I am thankful I have it no matter how boring it can be. I dont know what I would do without it. I just SO prefer running outside. We have proffessional development on Monday and are supposed to have a book read by then to discuss with each other. Well, I havent started it yet, guess that will be my tredmill literature. I am a slight procrastinator. Im hoping its not slick outside and maybe I can get out and get a few things done today, we shall see.
Mer's Birthday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another free day

Although we have to make these days up it has been so nice to have these days home with the family. Craig cleaned out the whole bathroom yesterday and it looks awesome!! We went to my parents last night and ate and played a friendly (well, kinda) game of catch phrase. We r a very competitive family. That was a lot of fun. Craig then took me to school to get my grade book so I could get some grades in. We r going to try and make an outing to Fort Smith today. We'll see how that goes. Dinner tonight for a friends birthday and then some American Idol time. We all love that show so it's one show we can all watch together. Craig and I started P90x ab workout yesterday and I literally had to roll out of bed this morning. I thought I was in pretty good shape from running, boy was I wrong. I love a new challenge!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow/ice day

I was pleasantly surprised to get the phone call this morning that school was out. After the last snow day and craziness at school I just knew we would try to go. Im glad FS got out of school today too so we could all be home together. Doesn't look like I will be running outside any time soon :0(. Treadmill will have to do. I did get in 5 miles yesterday and it felt great. I felt like I could have went farther but needed to get home for Jonesy's basketball game. Ok, Craig is the organizer in the family. Last time we were home he cleaned out the medicine cabinet and the tupperware cabinet. Today he has already started on the bathroom cabinets that need it BAD. Im glad he enjoys this torture bc I sure don't. I am getting the snuggle time on the couch with the kids. Nothing is happening outside right now, wondering if this is all we are gonna get after all that hype. I think I will wash sheets today, get a run in on the treadmill and maybe try to run to school and get my grade book so I can get some grades in. Hopefully we will get some snow so the kids can get out and have some fun.