Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's meant to be ..... Will be

Things are falling into place. I have prayed long and hard about all of this and putting it in God's hands. I feel good about our decision and I know if it's meant to be.... It will be. 26 days of school left!!!! It's been a challenging year in many ways and if it wasn't for Megan I know I couldn't have made it. We leaned on each other alot this year. I thank God everyday that I am lucky enough to work with one o my best friends. Just today we sat in my room and just "vented" I guess you could say. It wasn even about school, just "stuff". After she walked out I was thinking to myself just how lucky I am to have her, to be able to come to work each day and work with someone I love like a sister and I know loves me for me, no matter all my faults and I trust 100%. She truly is what you call a true friend. I can't imagine teaching with anyone else. I hope we "stick together" for years to come! I saw a saying the other day that said "I love that I'm surrounded by good friends and family. When good people are in your life, good things tend to happen." that couldn't be more true!!! ;0) I am very blessed!! Pate had kindergarten shots yesterday(5 to be exact) and she was such a trooper. Not one tear. Registration for kindergarten is next week. I'm not sure I'm ready for it. She is so pumped about being at school with me next year. I'm kinda looking foward to it also. ;0) Jonesy's ball team did awesome last wknd and then got rained out so we didn't get to play the tourn out. He's really doing awesome this year. We are SO proud of him. I definitely think he will take after his daddy as an awesome ball player.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I just need a day to catch my breath.......

These days seem to be just running together. I can't tell you the last night we were home (as I sit here at baseball practice). I'm worn out, we have alot going on and many decisions to make. I just need sleep, a night at home on the couch, and I don't see that anywhere in my near future. I am putting things in God's hands and what's meant to be will be. My cup runith over..... Decisions, decisions, decisions......

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Pics....

I didnt get pics to post last time so just throwing them all into one post. They are in no certain order, just wanted to make sure and get them on.