Monday, July 23, 2012

Our trip to Oranage Beach 2012

Jonesy and I had the best trip to the beach thanks to Craig! The time flew by when we were down there but we ended up getting alot in. We laid on the beach everyday, we parasailed, we ate at some great places and mostly just enjoyed our time together. We had some friends that were staying just down the street so that was alot of fun too. I was really worried about leaving Pate but she ended up doing pretty good without me :0( Her and Craig hung out and grandmas came to the rescue! This is definetly a trip I will not soon forget!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I am one lucky girl!!!

We didnt get to go to the beach last year bc of baseball and this year world series was supposed to be at the beach and that fell through. I was definetly down in the dumps about it. Well, I guess I pouted around enough about it that Craig took notice :0) Our 14th year anniversary is next week and Craig suprised me with a trip for JT and I to go to the beach. I cried bc I didnt want to go without the whole family. He told me he knew how bad Ive been wanting to go and he cant go bc of football and he wants us to go and RELAX and enjoy our time so he is also keeping Pate. I have major guilt about that but I know he is right. She would NOT do well in the car for that long with just one adult in the car, the trips back and forth off the beach for "potty breaks" and the middle of the day naps would be hard with just me. SO, I am going to take this as a GREAT and once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with just Jonesy and I. It is very rare these days that we get one on one time. We will also have some friends that will be down there the same time that have a boy JTs age so he will have someone to hang out with. I on the other hand will be on the beach from sun up to sun down everyday and soaking all the relaxation in I can. I am definetly not lookig forward to the drive but I am going to cherish every minute with Jonesy. He will be missing first week of fasdogs again this year (which hes not too upset about) but will be back at it strong when we get back!!I am blessed to have a husband that is so sweet, kind and selfless to be SO thoughtful to do this. I am one LUCKY girl!! Love you honey!!

4th of July 2012

The Day started out with the Freedom Fest 5k in Greenwood. I placed 1st in my age group and had a PR for this course of 23:36. We had lunch at B's and then watched fireworks with some friends that were in town staying with us. It was a great day!