Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Days!

Judgement Day!

I have thought many times about "judgement day" and what it will be like. No one is without sin and it is how you chose to fix your sin that God is paying attention to. I am far from perfect but I am glad to know God is on my side. I know God forgives if you ask for it and it feels good to have that burden lifted. My life is very good these days and I am blessed with an amazing family and awesome friends. I have learned that NO ONE is to cast judgement but God himself. I pray for those that are so unhappy that they feel it is there job to do it. I know what a sad life that is. I think in the last 2 years one thing Ive learned is to forgive and forget. I do not listen to the gossip, I do not care to "fit in" anymore bc I know what kind of life that is, I do not cast judgement on others bc I know that is a sin in itself. I judge people for the friend they are to me and not to others. I am my own person and no one will tell me who to be or not to be friends with. So many amazing people have come into my life the last couple of years that I am so thankful for. No matter how hard it is, praying for your enemies is the greatest gift you can give. A great friend sent me this quote today
"never look down on anyone else unless you are helping them up". I love it and it speaks volumes. God made me for who I am for a reason and I, nor anyone should change that. Life is so good and I thank God everyday for how my life has turned out. I am one lucky girl!! :0)


JT is changing and growing physically and emotionally before my eyes. About two weeks ago JT asked me how old he had to be to have a girlfriend. I thought it was sweet (and nieve) of him to ask. About to fall out in suprise, I kept my cool. He told me he liked this girl and wanted to ask her out. I told him he could have a girlfriend he just wasnt old enough to go on a date. So, the next day he was a "taken" man. Funny how last year girls were gross and this year he is all of a sudden interested. I know the girls will come and go, I just hope theres not too many broken hearts. I also hope he continues to feel like he can tell me anything.

Last week JT joined Cross Country on his own. I was so proud of him for taking the initiative without me telling him. He loves it so far. He even asked if he could go run with me tonight. I like to think I have a little influence on his interest in it. I am so proud of how much he is growing and what a sweet young man he is becoming.

Growing up- ready or not here it comes :0(

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wow, is all I can say. I am pooped. Starting on a Monday this year really took a toll on me. It made for a LONG week. We are finally starting to get a hang of things this week at school so hopefully it will get better.
We had an eventful Sunday evening. Pate tripped in her room and hit the corner of her door. Cut her head open smack dab in the middle of her forehead. Bless her heart. Anywhere but her face. Poor thing already has scars from her cleft and I just hate for her to have any more. When it happened I kind of geeked. I made JT go look and see if she was bleeding bc I couldnt. When he came out of the closet (where she ran and hid) he was then geeking. Craig wasnt home so thank goodness Tara happen to be over and took control of the sittuation. I do good when its kids at school but when its my own, I flip. We are blessed to have Pates doctor live here in town and her husband be an ER doctor and so he just fixed her right up on their kitchen counter. She did so good. I couldnt be in the room while they were doing it but Craig and everyone else said she did GREAT. Barely any tears. Now I just pray for a small scar.
Running has been going good. We have been doing longer distances and getting ready for the mud run in FS in Sept. Im so looking foward to it. I missed the last mud run bc of baseball.
Tonight is girls night out to eat and I am SO ready. Adult girl conversation is just what this girl needs right now. Like I said, its hard to get back in the routine of being with sweet 9 yr olds all day. :0)
Heres a couple of pics from Pate's accident.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The last days of summer!

Well, this is it. Summer is offically over. It was fast but very packed full and fun. This last week off we squezzed in as much as we could. In this last week we have gone to the Alma Waterpark, the lake, open house at school for JT and I and nights out with friends. Oh, and Pate got bunkbeds!!! This was Craigs way of bribing her to stay in her own bed. ( yea right!!)
Tara and I are doing the Hillbilly Mud Run in Sept and we finally registered for that this week. Really looking foward to that!!
Well, who knows when the next chance Ill get to post with school starting and all. I just pray this year and my class are as great as they were last year!! Heres pics from this last week. No particular order.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Trip to OKC and a new school year!

Last Friday Mom and I decided to make a quick trip to OKC to see Jen, John and Bret. We shopped, ate, and ran six miles and home within 24 hours! It was fast but a great trip. Jen is in a great running group in OKC. So many members, which makes it so fun and motivating to get out there each week. I wish we had something like that here. Heres a few pics from our run day.

JT will kill me for putting this pic up but he has been getting up with Craig at 5:15 each morning and doing P90x. He was a little tired after and I caught this pic of him on the couch after the workout.

JT found out his teachers for this year and we couldnt be more EXCITED!! I have heard woderful things about them both. JT has been lucky every year so far to have amazing teachers. I know this year is going to be just as great!! I also have my class list and am THRILLED with the kids I got. I cant wait to get to know them all!!