Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hard Decision

We got some very unexpected news last week. Not really sure why Im suprised with her history but it just really took me off guard. We got a phone call last week that Pate has a new 1/2 sister. Same mother different dad. DHS called to tell us that her bio-mom had a new baby girl (a few months old) that was now in DHS custody and they wanted to see if we would want her. Want her????? Really?? Of course we would "want her" but could we really do it? And, we decided the answer was no. It was a hard decision but we felt it was best for our family right now. With Craig not only doing his baseball job he is now assistant football. Which means hardly any time at home. We are gone all summer with JTs ball team. Craig and I had to think realistically. We already depend a great deal on our family to help out with the kids and it would just be too much to ask of them. I cried all day. I couldnt quit thinking about how great it would be for Pate to have that bond. Now,to think she may never know her breaks my heart. Pate also has 2 older 1/2 sisters that live in FS. Through a weird twist of fate Craig had a student in class a couple of years ago that was actually related to Pate's bio-mom and brought us a picture of her two other sisters that are raised by other family members. That picture may be all that Pate will ever have but its something. I pray that one day Pate can meet them. I am leaving it in God's hands and whats meant to be, will be. I pray that that sweet, innocent baby finds a family that will love her unconditionaly and she isnt just raised in "the system". I cant bare to think other wise.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day!!

Honestly, I was not too excited about the snow day, ecspecially since I was already up and showered when I got the call. The kids on the other hand are SO excited. So, I am going to try to make the best of the day. Ive already started washing the sheets and am going to try REAl hard to clean out Pate's overflowing dresser drawers. Can you feel the excitement in my tone? NOT.....
I can not believe that I only have 2 weekends to train and then the big run. It feels like just yesterday I was signing up for the race, not imagining that I would ever be able to run more than the 13 miles, which at that time was the longest I had run. Yesterday I achieved a goal I never thought imaginable. I ran 20 MILES!! It was physically and mentally one of the hardest things Ive ever done. Mentally I cant imagine 6 more miles but I am going to do it if it kills me.(which I know it wont :0) )
This experience of training has taken me places I never thought I could ever go.
On another note, I have taken on a new adventure in my life.(bc I have all this spare time, ha!) I am now selling and promoting AdvoCare nutritional products. I needed something that was going to help me through my day and workouts that I was missing. I have found that in AdvoCare. I am excited about this new adventure and look foward to feeling better mentally and physically.
Someone made the comment yesterday to me that their "2.5 miles made them feel like they were doing nothing comapared to my 20". I think no matter what exercise you are doing is better than nothing. Some people have the mind set that their choice of activity is better than another. I just commend those that do anything at all. Even if its getting out and walking your dog around the block, you are taking the steps to a better you. You need to do what best for YOU not what others tell you is best for you. Be proud of what you are doing and dont worry about what others are!! ;0)