Thursday, May 24, 2012


Craig and I have talked many times about putting our house up for sale over the last year. I have prayed about it and we finally decided to give it a try. With Craig doing football now on top of baseball he is never home. We are also in Fort Smith literally every night of the week. Its really wearing on us. We LOVE our house and our neigborhood but at this point we need more convienence. The only thing we do in Greenwood is my job. We found a house we love that is much closer to Fort Smith and would be a great half way compromise for Craig and I both. Plus the late night games and practices wouldnt be "so late" if we got a little closer. The good thing about it all is we dont HAVE to move. I would be perfectly ok if the house didnt sell. As I said we love it here so if its meant to be it will be. I am definetly not going to lose sleep over it. Since putting our house up for sale we have done a few repairs and updates to help with the sale. Now that they have been done I second guess everyday if we should just take the sign down. I LOVE the things that have been done. Some of the things we have done is update both bathrooms and kitchen. New granite tops throughout the house and all cabinets restained. Its like a new house to me. Here are a few of the before and after pics.

Exemplary Citizen

JT has his end of the year awards assembly yesterday. He got honor roll, gold thumbs up and citizenship. After all the awards were given out the principal got up and explained that they had one more award to give out. This award was picked by the teachers. It is the Exemplary Citizenship Student award. One boy and one girl are picked from each team. I was totally shocked that JT was named the boy for his team, I had no idea he was getting this. When his name was called I immediately started crying. I think that was one of the proudest moments as a mom that I have experiences. This award tells alot about a childs overall character and work ethic. Jonesy, we are so proud of you. You suprise us every day with just what an awesome kid you are. I am proud God picked me to be your mom. I got a text from your teacher today that I want to share so you always have it to look back on and be proud of. "You should be very proud of JT. He is a great kid! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute that Ive had with him this year. I think the citizenship awards are the most important ones we give, and he exemplifies everything that a model 6th grade boy should. Thanks so much for sharing him with me this year." Jonesy, you should be so proud of your accomplishments. I know your dad and I are. WE LOVE YOU!!