Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finishing up the summer. ;0(

I cant believe we are finshing up what seemed to be the quickest summer ever. We are trying to squeeze whatever we can in before we go back. Last Sunday Craig suggested going up to Mt. Magazine for lunch. I have to admitt I wasnt all for it at first but really glad we decided to go. It was rainy and 72 degrees while we were up there. That was worth the hour drive itself. The lunch was good and the kids really liked it too.
I worked in my classroom this week and that was like pulling teeth. Once school starts Im all good its just getting ready for it. This is going to be my 10th yr at GWD and it doesnt get any easier. Although I dont think I could be a stay at home mom (Id go crazy and feel a little useless to society)but I do cherish my time home.
JT finished up fasdogs today and I am really proud at how well he did at it. He wasnt thrilled about it at first but he ended up doing really well with it and I think enjoyed going too. (although he would never admitt that to me).
I feel like I havent run many races this summer but I am looking foward to two races coming up in Sept. One in Lavaca and the Mud Rud in FS. That ought to be fun.
Here are a few pics from the week.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Catch Up

I havent done good with staying up to date with this blog thing. I blame everything on the heat these days :0)
JT has been doing great at fastdogs. Alot better than I was thinking he would. He doesnt complain about going and each day says it gets easier!! One more week and he will be done. Ive been getting up and running early bc it is SO hot. The days I have had to run at night about kills me. Im not complaining though. Id so much rather be hot than cold. So Ill take the heat anyday.
This past weekend we went with some friends to eat and then to MOJO's to listen to Wingnut. That was alot of fun. Saw some great friends I havent seen in a while.
Tues afternoon Kelly Y, Kelly C., Leslie and I went to OKC for the American Idol concert. That was SOOO much fun. The concert was great and the memories that were made were even better. I can not believe we go back to school in two weeks. I really need to be up in my room working but I just cant seem to make myself go. Maybe next week..... This summer has flown by and I am not ready to let it go. Here are a few pics from the week.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 World Series Champions!!!!

What an AWESOME week!!  JTs team won the 10u Majors World Series!!!The kids and I left Monday morning after 5K race for Dallas. Craig wasnt able to come till Thursday bc of football. I was a little nervous about the drive down with Pate in the car that long without me getting to sit with her and keep her busy but all went well. There was a little fussing but we made it!! The week flew by. We stayed busy everyday, ALL day so time went by so quickly. We started off the week with Pate and I and some other girls and moms going to American Doll while JT was touring Cowboy Stadium. We all had a great time. We had borrowed a doll from a friend to take with us bc she didnt have one. I didnt want to buy one before we went bc they are so exspensive and I didnt know if Pate would be into it all. Well, SHE IS!!! Santa has a long list already started.
We watched fireworks from a location by the River which was fun. We went to a Rangers game Tuesday night which the boys loved. It was HOT but fun. I have to say this past week was one of the hottest weeks I can remember ever living through. Its hot here but Texas is just a different kind of hot. No wind. Just still, hot air. Uggg, I definetly dont miss that or the TRAFFIC!!.
The boys played great all week. JT hit better this week than he has all year. We won three games in pool play and tied one. We went into bracket play as second seed. We won our first game. They lost next game after being up all game. One inning we just fell apart. So, we had one loss, one more and we were done. Next game was Sunday morning at 10, we won it but not by much. Championship game was a 1 that afternoon. All or nothing. The boys played the best game of the week. No errors and hit the ball like no other day!! Everything came together and they won 8-2. I wish I knew how to post the video I took of them when they won. I love watching it over and over. Such great memories were made this week. This is a time in their life they will never forget.
I have 200 pics and I wish I could post them all but................. so, here are some. ;0)

4th of July run

We were leaving for Dallas Monday Morning but I really wanted to run the 4th of July 5K here in GWD before I left. This was a special race for me bc it marked one year since my first race. My goal was to beat my time from this time last year which I did by 2 minutes but didnt place in the top 3. I was a little dissapointed bc I was just 30 seconds behind the 3rd place winner but........
My mom, sister and Tara did the race also so it was a lot of fun. Here are a few pics from the race.
before the race

after the race

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Way behind

I am so far behind on blogging. I think about doing it often but then something comes up. This week has been nice. Other than the chaos of getting ready for World Series we've had some great family time and down time. I wish I would have written down what I wanted to blog about bc now I cant remember everything. I have some pics so maybe Ill just post those and it will tell it all. The kids and I leave tomorrow for Dallas. Not really looking foward to Pate in the car for that long but hopefully movies and friends will keep her busy. Looks like Craig is going to get to come at the end of the week after football which will be nice. I hate that he is missing it. I know it is killing him too. He will stay busy with football so hopefully his week will go by quick. I am running in a 5k tomorrow before we leave. Im hoping just to beat my time from this time last year. This was the first 5k I ran this time last year. Boy does time fly. Ok, these pics are SO not in order but they are just a little of what we did this week.
Pate and I at Jonesy's parent/son baseball game

Pate and Bailey at Fuji's

Madie, Baylee, Pate and I had a play day this past week.

Pate with her buddies Cha Cha and Izzy

Pate loves Bailey

Boy did they have fun.

Jonesy and I before the game
Daddy helping Pate bat

I am a little sore to say the least.

Boys and Dads

Boys and mom's

siblings and boys