Friday, June 29, 2012

World Series2012

This year JT's world series is in Irving, TX. We started out strong and kinda lost our groove for a few days and played awesome and won again today. We have one more game to go. JT has had a great tournament. He hit the game winning hit on game 3. He also caught probably one of the best games yet yesterday. We are very proud of how much he has improved this year!! We have had a great time with all the kids and families. Its great that we all get along and enjoy doing things together. We've been to a Ranger game, water park, lazer tag, horse races, and SHOPPED! I have to be honest and say that I may have bought everything in the Under Armour outlet. Im ashamed to say Ive been 5 times this week and spent WAY to much every time I went. I just cant pass up the deals they had. It didnt help that the Grapevine outlet mall was one exit away from the hotel. :0/ Good thing is, the kids are set for school!! Ive been able to run almost every day since Ive been here, although its very flat here so that didnt help with the training for the race on Wed. HILLS!! Oh well, back at the hills on Sunday. Here are a few of the pics from a night out at "Dick's Last Resort" resturant! We had the BEST time. Laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Just pics!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slow down!!!

This summer is flying by. I am thankful that it is longer than last year it just never seems long enough. We have had a busy, FUN summer! JT's baseball is in full force. We leave Friday for a week in Dallas for world series and then they are done!! We have the whole month of July to relax and be on no schedule!! Swim when we want and not have to worry about being to tired for game or practice. JT will start fasdogs when we get back but other than that no definite plans!! I love it!!! For a couple of years now Craig and JT have been talking about starting their "major league tour of the 30 ball parks". Well this year they finally started. Last week we went to Kansas City, ST. Louis, and Chicago. They had such a great time!! Pate and I went along but we passed on the games (we get enough of that at home :0)). We shopped and played and swam and went to a children's museum. Chicago was by far my favorite place. I love the fast paced life they live. There was so much we didn't get to see. I told Craig we are for sure going back (adult trip)! I literally could ride the train all day just to people watch! I loved it!! So the boys have now been to 4 of the 30 ballparks. Hopefully we can get in 3 a year! Next year will definetly be in "beach territory" for pate and I!! I have lots of pics but no time now to post. I will do that later. Slow down summer, I have so much more I want to do!!!!

It came down as fast as it went up!!

Well our house is off the market. I know, 2 months is all we gave it. It wasn't that we were impatient it was that it just didn't feel right. We looked at alot of houses before we put ours up and there was one house we fell in love with that we would sell our house for. Well, about 3 weeks ago it sold :0(. I know it obviously wasn't meant to be but it really made me think hard about selling ours. It just didn't feel right anymore. Any time I thought about it I got sad. We love it here, we love our neighborhood, it was just a convienece thing for Craig. When we sell I want to be 100% and at this point we are not. So, for now we are staying put and I am very happy and sure about our decision! Now.... To put a pool in :0)