Monday, April 25, 2011

Parties/Bieber Fever/Easter

It was a busy weekend for us. JT spent the night with a friend on Friday night, Pate had 2 birthday parties on Saturday, Craig and I tried to squeeze in a quick date on Saturday night and then all the Easter activities Sunday. I did get to run Saturday morning before the rain hit with a fun group. We ran 6 miles and it felt GREAT!! I have to say, I am SO over the rain. I love how green everything is but rainy weather is not my idea of a great day. Its kinda getting depressing. I once again will run on the treadmill today rather than outside and it looks like it may be this way till Thursday. Here are a few pics I took over the weekend.
Even being cardboard she was excited to see Justin at Toys R Us

Pate and Caroline at Kenzie's party.

No, she didnt wear the getto hat to church

On the way to Meme and Poppy's for lunch

Before church

love her smile!!

The kids with Uncle Bret

Her favorite thing the Easter Bunny brought. Tangled movie!! Also, notice the high heal dress up shoes she HAD to wear to church.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just one more thing

Ok, so my last post was all about not enough hours in the day and how I just cant do it all. So, what do I do? Add one more thing to it. Along with my running I am trying this new workout. I am not gonna name the name yet. I dont want to endorse if it doesnt work. So, I am gonna give it a few weeks and then Ill update the success of it. But I will say after doing it twice I am SORE!! Love that feeling. :0)
On another note, one of my New Years resolutions was to take the kids to the nursing homes to visit with some of the residents that normally dont have people come to see them. My mom and I took the kids yesterday after school and I am SO glad we did. We visited with Ms. Wanita and Ms. Opal. My kids were so sweet to them and I know we made there day. The smile on their faces said it all. Ms. Opal hugged and smiled and just kept saying how glad she was to see us. We saw her at Christmas and at that time JT wasnt with us and she kept saying to JT, "boy, you are growing like a weed". She just talked to him like he was her own. We brought them both a little gift and Ms. Opal told us she was gonna wear her new scarf we got her on Easter. She is one the sweatest, most loving women I have met. Its so sad to know that she is a mother, grandmother and  her family lives within a few miles and only goes to visit her once or twice a year. We will definetly be back to see them SOON. If you have any extra time (which I know is hard with kids) you should really pay those places a visit. You dont have to stay long, and something so little makes their day, week, year. I really am looking forward for the kids and I to go back. What a great feeling we all had when we left. And such a great life lesson for the kids.
Was looking today at my race plan. Hoping to get some 10k's in this year. Next one I think I will do will be in Van Buren on the 14th, its called the "Mud Run", SO looking foward to that.

Quote today fit our "visit" this week perfectly : “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling a little overwhelmed

This time of year is hard bc I am pretty much a single parent. Craig does what he can when he is home but with his job this time of the year is just hard. There just isnt enough hours in the day. We are in FS every day of the week for either Craig's games, JTs practices or Pates tumbling. I try hard to get a run in everyday and I know that it would make it easier if I didnt do that, but I NEED it. Craig had a game today but I just couldnt do it, I am tired, I needed a day to pick up around the house, do some laundry and make the kids something to eat for once instead of eating out. OK, enough of my sob story, I am big girl, I am done pouting! :0)
Friday night Leslie and I ran to FS to Academy and then to get something to eat. It was a nice, quick, unplanned trip that was so relaxing. Saturday we were up early and out the door by 7:30 headed to Springdale for JTs baseball tournament. We played up again in 11s and going into Sunday were the 1st seed. We fell apart Sunday and lost our first bracket play game and were out. We did get to go to the Razorback game Sat night which was a lot of fun. I wish we could make it to more but......... Sunday Craig had to get up early and head back to FS for football so it was just the kids and I. My parents did come up Sunday to watch, so that helped.
Another busy baseball week ahead of us. Hoping for good weather and then looking forward to a weekend off from baseball and  relaxing with the family for Easter. Had to run by myself today, which is fine, but when I put my ipod in and it says battery low, and then goes dead I thought NOOOOOO. I got a great 4.25 miles in today but it was very hard with no music. Boy it makes a difference.
Here is a few pics from this weekend.
Calling those Hogs!!

Love my babies!

Cheering for the Hogs!

Pate and Hunter. Cupcake faces. ;0)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two more days!

We've made it through two days of testing, two to go. The majority of the math part of the test is over so thats a little relief off my shoulders but I still am anxious for them to do good on ALL of it. I know they are all capable, I just hope they are putting forth their best efforts.
Yesterday I got a nice walk in with Leslie and today I walked with Dianna while Pate was at tumbling. I love a good walk but I was missing my run. So, after my 2.80 walk with Dianna this afternoon I came home and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I think I got my fix. :0)
Jonesy has a baseball tournament in Springdale this weekend and then off to the Razorback game we will go. We havent got to see a game this year so it ought to be fun with all the boys.
On a random note; Gas prices are KILLING me. This driving to Fort Smith everyday for JT or Craigs baseball or Pate's tumbling. Ugggg. I am very blessed to have my education and have a good job. I pray for those that are not as fortunate. We have friends that are struggling and I pray that the hard times will soon turn around for them.

“It takes a good deal of character to judge a person by his future instead of his past"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rebs win 11u Alma Spinach Fest Tourn!!!!!

JTs team played up this weekend in the 11u divison and we came out on top!! It was a beautiful weekend for baseball. Other than the windy conditions on Sunday it was gorgeous. Got a little more sun than I was planning but all the red has finally faded. The boys played the best ball they have played yet and it payed off. They ended up winning the Championship game against the Aces 8-2. We started the day off Saturday with a pancake breakfast fundrasiser at Apple Bees which was a big success and then 2 games Saturday. The kids and I headed over to Craigs game Saturday afternoon for another Rebel win against Sallisaw. All in all it was a great weekend for the small and big Rebels. We got to see a sweet boy this weekend in Alma we havent seen in a while and Pate enjoyed playing with him. He forever has a place in our hearts. Here are a few pics from the weekend.
Rebel mom's at the breakfast.

Boys with the Easter Bunny at Apple Bees

Pate and her buddies, Braylin and Paige

Always up for a group pic

Jonsey getting his trophy

11u Alma Spinach Fest Champions.

~Quote for the day "God made you the way you are for a reason, be your own person and don't let others determine how or what you feel"

Night Out

Very rarely do we get a night out with friends anymore unless its with the team after a ball game. Friday night we had NO BASBEBALL, I know hard to believe. So, we went to eat with the Whittington's and the Wiley's. Such a fun group of people. Good food, good yogurt and lots of laughs. We went to eat at Cheddars and then off to get yogurt at the new place in Fort Smith, Goody's. Wileys had to leave after dinner but the Whitt's got to go. It was SO good and such a fun atmosphere. The line was out the door but it was well worth the wait. We sat out in the parking lot and ate our yogurt and listened to the end of the Razorback game. The pictures speak for themselves, "you might be a redneck.....if you get out lawn chairs in the parking lot of Cheddars while waiting for a table to listen to the game". ;0) Good times!
Only in Arkansas

Bailey, Hampton and Pate "hangin out". Pate LOVES these girls.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy Week

Practice or game every night this week has made it hard for me to sit down and have time to blog. This week has been crazy busy preparing for the Benchmark. Now, I am just ready for next Friday to have it all behind us. My kids are incredible and have worked so hard and I KNOW they are prepared. We had a theme dress each day this week in preperation for the test and I only remembered to bring my camera one day. (tells you how my week has been)
JT is playing in Alma this weekend and Craig at Evans. And if you can believe it, Craig is actually starting football on Sunday. This year has flown by and although I LOVE summer I am really gonna miss my group of kids this year. This has been an AWESOME year.
Running has been going great. Today was hot and hard, but there is nothing better than a good sweat to feel like the calories are just falling off. We are going out tonight with some friends to eat and gonna check out the new yogurt place in FS. Life is good and only gets better with each day!! =]

*Saw this quote today and loved it "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you"
WOW, how true this statement is!!! Pray for your enemies because they are usually worse off than you are.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greenwood Pageant

Today Pate and I went and watched the Greenwood Pageant. ALL the girls looked beautiful!! I didnt get all the pics I wanted to of some of my girls but here is a couple. Congrats to Kylie, Madie, Bailee, Saylor and everyone that participated! I think the highlite of our day was that we ran into Ms. Bille. She was Pate's CASA worker and  a HUGE part in Pates life early on when we were going through all the adoption process. She hasnt seen Pate since adoption day so it was so good reintroducing her to Pate. That made my day.
Tara and I before the pageant started.

Learned from her Grandma today that she is former Little Ms. Greenwood!! :0)

Two of my sweet girls watching the pageant. (Morgan and Lindsey)

Pate was not in the mood for having her picture taken.

Two of my past sweethearts. I miss these beauties!!(Ava and Saylor)

Madie looked beautiful and won two awards!!

Girls Night

So much fun with these girls. Never a dull moment.
Love these two!!

My other sister. Dont know what I would do without her.

Such a fun night. We all look like aliens with our eyes. LOVE the capture of the lady in the background!!

I love all these girls, and am LUCKY to call them my friends!