Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Wknd

WOW, what a busy wknd. We spent our whole weekend playing ball in Fort Smith at the annual Hum Baby. The boys played great and came in 2nd in the tourn. We literally saw Craig in passing at the field and that was it all wknd. NS and SS put on the tourn each year so he had to be there from before start to after finish of each game. So we were asleep before he got home and gone before we got up. We did manage to all eat last night together. We had a cookout at the Whittingtons on Sunday night which was a lot of fun for ALL.
Only 5 more days of school and I couldnt be more READY. The kids are anxious too and ready for a fun summer. We are making the most fun out of our last few days.
The weather is definetly changing into summer and my running is gradually moving later and later each night. Today I had to go after school and it was HOT. Pate has a bday party to go to tomorrow that she is really looking foward to and JTs bday is just around the corner. I can not believe I will have an 11 YEAR OLD.
Heres some pics from this weekend.
Pate and Braylin taking a dinner break

Brooks the jokester

1, 2, 3  JUMP

Pate about to be thrown by Trey and Brennon

Rebel momma's

My little cupcake

Jonesy and coach BJ

We ended the dirty, hot weekend with a long bubble bath.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wrapping it up

I cant believe we have 6 days of school left. This year has flown by. Its a bitter sweet goodbye. Although I love to be home with my family all summer, I am really going to hate to see this group of kids go. I have already promised some girls that they could come help me in my room this summer. They have even offered to come dust my house. lol. If they only knew what a BIG job that would be. :0)
This weekend is gonna be full of baseball, running and cookouts. Should be a good one!! Here is a couple of pics from this week at school. Sure am gonna miss these sweet kids.
sweet Breck

Madie, Molly and Makenzie. Always full of smiles.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its racing time again!!! My favorite time of the year!

This is the first race I have got to run in a while and it ended up being a good one for me. I made a new personal record. I was first overall female and first in my age group. I felt good and it was alot of fun. It was kind of a last minute decision to run. We went back and forth about doing it and then with the bad weather Friday night we weren't sure it was even going to make. So glad everything cleared out and the weather was perfect. Tara also rocked it with a new PR for herself and 2nd in her our age group. So glad we did this together.
Before the race

After the race. We will rest anywhere! ;0)

After we got our first and second place awards.

My two medals for overall female and 1st in age group.

We spent the rest of Saturday at the ballfields hosting a softball tournament for a fundraiser for World Series. We are going to Dallas this year for World Series which I am really looking forward to. My best friend lives there so its a two for one for me. The only bad news about it is we found out this week Craig isnt going to get to go this year because of football. :0(
It was a long day for us all.

Pate will catch some zzzzz's just about anywhere.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pretty successful weekend

Out of 17 teams Rebs came in 3rd. We were really hoping to win it all but the boys played great and really battled back the last game but just couldnt pull it off. It was cold and windy. I am about TIRED of being cold. Ready to put up the blankets and put on the shorts. JT kinda started a trend with his team. By the end of the weekend all the boys had bleached their hair. It was a fun time for them all, great team chemistry with this team. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Got to see Karrie this wknd. ;0)
Bleach Party

Bailey couldnt be there so Pate got the next closest thing, Dianna.

Friday, May 13, 2011

End of one thing and the start of another

SS baseball season came to an end today with a loss to LR Central 7-4. Usually this is Craigs chance to rest but football is starting Monday. I really think he is going to enjoy doing it and I look foward to going to the games and getting to know some new kids, parents and coaches wives that I normally dont get to know.

This was a quick week of school for me this week. Not that Im complaining but I just felt like everything was rushed. I did paper mache again this year with the kids and boy was that an experience. We still arent totally finsihed but I think the messiest part is behind us. They had fun doing it so that all that matters, right?? hehe

I usually keep these things to myself, but going to share a thought today. I am not perfect in any shape, form or manner but I am doing the best I can with my life. I have made mistakes and made choices and have said things that I am not perticularly proud of but I realized today that I am in a place now that I sometimes never thought existed.  I used to think this is "just how things are" but I know now what happiness can be. I have an amazing family and the most amazing, kind hearted, REAL friends. I love that I can be myself and not someone I thought I wanted to be. I love that we are each others biggest fans. I love to know that my friends dont judge me for mistakes that I have made but for the person I am to THEM. I have not been the most perfect friend to some, but it feels good to know that I KNOW that I was a great friend to others and I feel sad for those that are in the position I have been in. I hate it for the people that have insecurity of where they stand with their friends bc I have been there and done that. Prayer has gotten me through a lot of hard times and I continue to pray for those that may feel the way I did. God forgives and that is an amazing feeling. He knows what is best for us and will lead us there if we ask for it.  He knew exactly what I needed and I pray others can have the peace and security I have now.  So, to all my friends, THANK YOU!!

Now, enough of my feelings. Lets play some ball!! Off to Tulsa tomorrow for some baseball!! GO LITTLE REBS!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Student of the month

We were so proud of JT for being chosen as student of the month. He really is a sweet, kind hearted kid and I hope that he is his best at school. I just cant believe this is the last year he has the chance of being chosen as SOM. So glad we are leaving "elementary" school on a good note.  He had quite the crowd at his breakfast. Everyone is so proud of our Jonesy.

Making good on a bet

Craig had a bet with his baseball boys that if they made it to state playoffs he would bleach his hair. Well, he made good on his bet and Jonesy joined in on the fun.

All the boys that joined in on the fun!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend. Couldnt have asked for more perfect weather. I spent the whole weekend with family and friends. Exactly what I LOVE to do. Friday night I walked 6 miles at relay for life at the high school. That was a neat experience. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to be up early Saturday for JTs ballteam yard sale. They made a lot of money to go towards World Series. Went straight from the yard sale to JTs game in FS, We played awesome Saturday beating 2 great teams. They played up again this weekend in 11s. Came back Sunday for 2 more games. Made it to the championship game but didnt pull it out. Those boys were a wee bit bigger than us. We stuck with them until the 5th inning and then everything fell apart. They had a great tournament and played hard and never gave up. After the ball games we went to the Whittingtons to swim and the kids had a blast. We have such a fun group this year. Once again I had an AMAZING Mother's Day and am SO blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy children.
LOVE this pic. We are so glad our Debra is cancer FREE!!!

My gosh he looks old to me in this pic :0(

Silly girls.

We love Bailey

Perfect Mother's Day with my "big" baby

First Swim of the year

Love that little dare devil

she's a natural :0)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Character Day!

Today was book character day at school and this year I was Pippy Longstocking. It was a lot of fun. All my kids looked so cute. I posted all the pics on my facebook so I wont post them all on here but I have to post a few bc they looked so good.