Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Its been a very busy Christmas break. It started off with making a trip to OKC to see a doctor about my hip. After an hour long appt it was determined that I have piriformis syndrome. Big word which pretty much just means the muscles deep in my hip/butt are TIGHT and in a ball. Bad thing is it's a LONG slow process to heal. Lots of stretching. Doctor isnt very optomistic that I will be ready for marathon in March. I am determined to be ready. If it means I have to walk alot of it I will. When I set a goal I am DETERMINED to accomplish it.
Well, I never got around to making Christmas cards. But, I was able to take a pic on Christmas of the kids(which is one of the best Ive ever gotten of them together) and send it out via text. I know its not the same as a card but better than nothing.
The kids had an amazing Christmas and got WAY to many gifts. It felt like we had double the places to go this year. Now, just need to clean out to make room for all the new things. We went to NWA yesterday to have our final Christmas with GG. That was a nice visit and I got to do some shopping while we were there. (ive done WAY to much of that the last two weeks)

Craig had baseball camp this week and so the kids and I kept ourselves busy doing other things.

Tonight we are going to eat at Fuji's with some great friends for New Years. We are gonna try to eat early and beat the crowd. (yea right)
Its nice to have an adult night out every once in a while. :0)

Im hoping the rest of our days off are low key and maybe even get the kids playroom cleaned out. Craig leaves Tuesday for California for baseball clinic. (hard job, right?) I need to find a "mom" clinic to go to in Florida or something :0)

Pate's basketball season starts Saturday. Are we ready, NO!! Not sure we'll ever be ready. :0) Oh well, all for fun!

Tomorrow is a new year, new goals, new ambitions. Even though its just another day it always feels like a new start! Make it your best yet!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week in Review

Ok, I am getting really bad at this blogging thing. I try to keep up so its not so much to try to catch up with but.............. I started this blog for the kids to have something to look back at when they are older so thats what keeps me going sometimes bc really its hard to find the time to do this. So, here is a quick rundown of the last week or so.
The Elf on The Shelf has been so fun this year with Pate. JT is old enough now that he has even gotten in on the hiding. I wish I would have taken a pic everyday where the elf has shown up but that hasnt happened.
I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping thank goodness bc town has gotten to be crazy.
My class had their field trip this week to Home Depot and Chuck E Chesse. That was a tiring day. The kids had fun so I guess thats what mattered.
I had girls night out this past Thursday. We always have so much fun, wish we could do it more often. I did get lucky enough to pick the "sittuation" ornament for our ornament exchange. :0) It was a good laugh.
Im going to OKC this week to see a sports medicine doctor. Praying he has some answers for me with my I.T. Band problem. It takes a toll on me when I cant run as much as I want to. I did join the gym which has helped alot.I have enjoyed changing things up.
OH!! How could I forget. For the first time since we've been married I dont think I am going to get Christmas cards done. I am so sad about it but I literally have had no time to get pics taken. I am going to try this week to get something together but cant make any promises. Maybe a New Years card. UGH

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pate's 5th Birthday!

Pate has been looking foward to turning 5 since the day she turned 4. Her friends would turn 5 and each time we would have to talk about how many more months, weeks, days until she turned 5. Finally the day came!!!! She had a great Birthday. It was everything she hoped for and more. They celebrated at school with cupcakes, we celebrated at MeMe's with dinner and cake and then a "dress up" party on Sunday. It was pretty much an all week event. I have so many pics and I hate to leave any out bc I want her to look back on this one day and not miss a thing. So, I will post all that it will let me. So, until next year...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATE!! We love you!!

Yule Run 2011

After a few weeks with a bummed hip (I.T. Band) I was kindof gun shy about running my best at the Yule run. I could tell within the first mile that I was good to go. I ended up finishing 1st in my age group and PR with a time of 23:58. Im sure Ive said it before but out of all the races Ive run, Greenwood is my least favorite route. Hills and I dont mesh well and it is pretty much up hill the whole race till the last half a mile. I felt good and the hip held up great! Now just 89 days till LR marathon. I pray my hip will continue to heal so I can get my long runs in on the weekends.

Turkey Trot

I did the Mercy Turkey Trot this year at Ft. Chaffee. It wasnt a timed race, thank goodness, bc I was having trouble with my hip. I ran the whole time which was my goal, with my hip, but it was very uncomfortable. Knock on wood, I think I am on the mend. Its amazing what not running does to me.
Jen, John and Bret were in for Thanksgiving so Jen got to do the race too. We had a great Thanksgiving and ate way too much. We also celebrated Dad and Jen's bday while they were in town.