Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer and Running

Pate had her first two soccer games yesterday and although they got beat both games they had so much fun. Really, I dont even think Pate knows they lost. Exactly the way it should be at this age. JT and Weston also got invited to participate in the Siloam Springs fun run Saturday. Because it was Pates first soccer game I wasnt able to take JT so Tara was sweet enough to take the boys. They did awesome. There was over 40 runners and Weston came in 20th and JT 21st. Very proud of them both. Love that they are enjoying running so much!
Our weeks have been crazy. Craig is only home 2 days out of the week and one of those he spends at the lease. He's really enjoying football its just been hard living in GWD and him having to commute everyday. He cant just run home for a few minutes.
Some changes are coming for JT next year and all I can do is pray that it is the right decision. We shall she.
Favorite quote of the week "A beautiful face and great body will never substitute for an ugly attitude and hateful heart", SO true!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


What a blast!! Tara and I did the Hillbilly Mud Run in Fort Smith on Saturday morning. It was SO much fun. I ended up collecting the most pigs for our wave, with 5 pigs. I finished the course in 27 minutes. It wasnt near as muddy as I was thinking (and hoping) it would be but it was still lots of fun. They say the Spring mud run is alot muddier bc of all the rain so I am REALLY looking foward to doing it. Here are the pics from the race and also a pic from last night. We went out with some friends to eat and watch the game.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I did it!!! I got some much needed pics of JT this weekend. I am more than proud of JT. He ran in his first race with me this past weekend and did SO good. He got 3rd in his age group and ran the whole time!! He was very proud of himself too, which was great to see. This weekend was pretty busy with the race, soccer, Craigs Bday, birthday parties and a wedding shower. I also made a personal running record for a 5k with a time of 24:21. It was a great day for us all. Here are pics from the last week.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beautiful, Beautiful week.

I will take being hot any day over being cold but this week has been GORGEOUS!! Everday has been just amazing. GREAT running weather and it puts me in just a different mood all together. Jonesy has been doing great with his running and is actually running in his first 5k with me this weekend. I am really excited that we are doing that together. Hopefully maybe he'll let me get a pic or two in there too. I hate that I rarely ever have pics of him to post. He just isnt into "posing" for me these days. :0)
Pate started at her new school building this week and loves it. She is getting to see some friends she hasnt seen in a while and loving it! She has the best teacher too. Such a great feeling to know she is happy everyday. Pate is really into her tumnling still. I have to say I was SO proud this week. After practice on Wed her teacher told me she needed to be moved up again. She said she wasnt able to progress at the level she was at. The things they were working on in her class were things she had already mastered and so she needed to move foward. She checked the schedule and decided where she was at she needed to be in the 5 oclock class on Wed instead. Well as I am looking at the list of kids I notice that they are all NINE!!!! Pate is FOUR!!! I was shocked and questioned her to make sure that was where she needed to be and she said she was doing what they were and she would excel in that group. I have to say, this mom was over the moon. I cant wait to see how it goes next week. I hope she isnt shy around the girls and will keep excelling at what I think is a God given talent she has. (wish I could say its genetics) :0)
We did alot this past week and so instead of telling about it all here are some pics. They include, SS game, razorback game, my class, Labor Day and just random pics from the week.

Once again I feel gulity that I never post hardly any pics of Jonesy. My goal this weekend is to get some of him in the race. He's just gonna have to suck it up and let me get some. :0)