Monday, June 20, 2011

Another busy week

This week was jammed packed again. Craig had football, JT baseball, and Pate- well Pate just stays busy. To sum it all up, we swam, played ball, swam some more, spent the night away, had some friends spend the night, played some more ball (which didnt turn out like we hoped), and Fathers Day. (and I tried to run everyday somewhere in between).
Fathers day was nice. We ate lunch at my parents and then played ball all day and then ate out with some friends. Craig is an amazing dad to our kids!! I love that JT is him made over. He has his patience and personality. Neither one of them have ever met a stranger. They are lucky to call him DAD!!
Here are a few pics from the week. Poor JT is never in these, but he shys away from the camera where Pate is ALL about it.
Pate and cousin Tatum.

Our sleepover guest, Braylin and Paige.

Pate and Sandy
An old pic, but Happy Fathers Day Craig!! We LOVE you!!

She made it!! (or should I say I made it)

Well Pate survived her first sleepover away from home with a friend. (really it was me that survived). She was so excited that Braylin had asked her to stay the night Thursday. I knew she was in great hands but the pit in the bottom of  my stomach was saying something different. I guess I am just not ready for her to be that grown up. I cant believe she is 4 1/2 and was ok without me for one night. ;0)
I should be glad that both of my kids love to be with friends and have no trouble sleeping away from home. I guess it could be the other way around and we'd be going to get them in the middle of the night. I think Craig wanted to kill me that night bc I was so on edge. Those of you that know me well, know my anxiety and all I kept thinking was "what if she cant breath well in the middle of the night and they dont check on her (shes had a cold), or what if the house catches on fire and they dont get her out". I know, REDICULOUS thoughts, but thats the joy of living with anxiety.
So anyway, she made it and had a GREAT time. Her and Bray ended up sleeping with her mom and dad but thats ok, she DID it. I guess my little girl isnt so little anymore. :0(

Monday, June 13, 2011

Off to a great start!

This summer is already FLYING by. Its going to be our shortest summer yet, although we are going to try and fit alot in. We have been busy of course with baseball and Craig is in full football mode. This past weekend we celebrated moms 60th Birthday. Bret, Jen and Jon came in to suprise mom and we had a great dinner at Italianos. JT was in a tournament in Alma. We were playing up again this weekend and we ended up finishing 3rd, losing to the Predators (again). Last night after the tournament we went straight to a cookout for all the football coaches. The kids swam and we ate and I met a few more football coaches wives that I hadn't met yet. I look foward to going to the games this year and getting to know them better. Its hard when we live in Greenwood and he coaches in Fort Smith and we arent always there for all the stuff so I feel a little disconnected sometimes.
JT plays state next weekened in FS and then its just a couple weeks till we leave for Dallas for World Series. As soon as we get back JT is starting FASDOGS, I have a workshop and then a girls trip. Im hoping summer doesnt fly by as fast as it sounds. Heres a few pics from the last week.
We ran into the Miles and Norah at Goody's. We love them.

Miles was all about JT. He loved that they were the same number.

Happy Birthday MOM!!

Birthday dinner at Italianos.

Me and Sis

 Mom and Dad

Poor Pate has to always catch some zzzzz's in the car. We are always on the go.

Love this pic of Craig and JT

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy BIrthday Jonesy!!

I feel bad that its taken me two days to get this post up but things have just been crazy busy around here. JT had his 11th Birthday on Monday. I cant believe how time has flown by. It really does seem like just yesterday he was sucking his thumb and twirling my hair. Now, Im lucky to get a hug from him without asking for it. Craig and I couldnt be more proud of what a kindhearted, sweet kid he has grown to be. He is patient and layed back like Craig and doesnt meet a stranger. Im so glad he got all those great qualities from Craig. His big present this year was a phone. He has asked for one for years and we have just put him off bc he really is never not with us so what was the point. Next year he will be at a new school (without me :0( ) and he is more interested now into calling and texting his friends so we thought it was time. He was SO excited. Im glad the little things in life still excite him. Now, hopefully this will passify him until he wants a car. lol
Jt had 3 friends come spend the night Monday night. They had a great time swimming, playing ball outside and playing xbox 360. I love the age he is at bc they can entertain themselves!! Craig and I did learn our lesson though that next year Pate needs to spend the night away at one of her grandmas. She was right in the middle of the boys all night and thought she could just tag along and do everything they did . She didnt understand why she couldnt play hide and seek at 10 oclock at night outside. (boy was that a fit). Oh well, live and learn.
JT~ your dad and I are so proud of the great kid you have become and look foward to watching you grow each day into a loving, Christian young man. We LOVE you tremendously!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

End of another GREAT year!

So much to be thankful for. For one, JT has yet again had another amazing year, with amazing teachers to guide him through it. Knock on wood, every year gets better and better. Today was awards ceremony at school and JT received Honor Roll and Citizenship awards. So proud of him. I also found out today that he made Advanced in both Math and Literacy on the Benchmark. Craig and I couldnt be more proud. I give so much credit to his amazing teachers. He has LOVED 5th grade. I can not believe its over and he wont be at school with me anymore :0( Megan and I also found out today how awesome our kids did on their Benchmark. All those hours of practice and preperation defienetly paid off!!
On another note, Pate woke up last night with 102 fever and was up pretty much the rest of the night. My mom came and stayed with her so I could go to school for awards. By 10 o'clock I wasnt feeling my best either. I was running 101 fever and ended up getting a sub and taking the rest of the day off. I hate that I missed our kickball tournament day today against Megans class. Im sure they had fun anyway. I am finally feeling a little better but Pate keeps spiking a fever as her meds ware off. Praying for a quick recovery. Would love to enjoy this beautiful weekend.
Heres a few pics from today and this past week.
Pate at Sophie's Birthday party

JT and Mrs. Karnes

JT and his buddies

Hard to see, but the girls fixed my hair (again) and wanted a pic of it. Sure am gonna miss these sweet girls!