Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick update

Well I did the 15 and up next was 18. I made it 17.64. My hip hurt but it wasnt my hip that stopped me, it was my calves. By mile 15 they were like rocks, not so much cramping but sore. Ugh, if its not one thing its the other. I know my diet (im slightly picky and cereal twice a day doesnt cut it) has alot to do with my sore muscles and my lack of stretching like I should be. I have been going to the physical therapist twice a week and that has seemed to help with my hip (knock on wood). I know nothing is going to be 100% until I can rest it. As long as I can surpass March 3rd, Im gonna just have to suffer through the pain until its over. No pain, no gain. right??? lol This weekend 15 and then 20!!!! Then decreasing until "game day".
On another note JT had some test run today and is wearing a 24 hour heart monitor tonight. Hoping to find out results in the next day or two. Prayers......

Friday, January 20, 2012

Training update- 44 days!

44 days till Little Rock Marathon! I cant believe it. I also cant believe that I am trying to train hurt. This is definetly not the way I was hoping this whole process would go but I am doing the best I can do with what Ive got. I have gotten a cotizone shot and am wearing pain patches. I ran 13 miles last weekend with a pain patch and I didnt have any pain till mile 11. Tomorrow is 15 miles. I am anxious about it. I have the endurance and thats whats hard. Knowing I can do it (endurance wise) no problem, its just getting my hip to cooperate with the rest of me. We shall see......
I have really been enjoying working out at the gym on the days I am not running. Now, getting up at 4:35 am three mornings a week isn't all that, but Im always glad once I am up and around.I have defeinetly see changes in my body which makes it all worth it. It makes for a great start to the day!
I just pray each day that I make it through the rest of the training and ultimetly finish the marathon successfully! The joys of getting old!! :0)
hopefully next post will read "I did it- 15 miles down. Next up 18."


JT was invited once again to the awards assembly for the 2nd nine weeks. Last nine weeks he received the awards for citizenship for his team. This nine weeks he recieved 3. One was for having the second highest grade in Science, the second was for having the most books read (34) and third was for having the most AR points (360+). For years I worried that JT would never like to read, it was like pulling teeth. Now, we cant get him out of the books. Also, when school started he star tested at 5.8 level. They took the test again after Christmas break and he tested 8.5. He came up 3 grade levels!!! We are SO proud of you JT!!!! Keep up the good work!