Sunday, October 14, 2012

My favorite time of year.

Other than it being a little chilly this is my favorite time of year!! I love the change of colors on the trees, Halloween, lots of Birthdays and Holidays approaching. School is flying by. My class is GREAT this year and JT and Pate are still loving school. Very thankful for that. Tessa and I's soccer team is undefeated. Since we have coached basketball and soccer together we have been undefeated! Just sayin... LOL. Craig said there is only one coach in this house. HAHA. Pate is excelling more than I could have imagined in gymnastics. She is too young to compete in the first meet but we are hoping by December she will be ready to go. JT has gotten into working out with Craig every morning at the gym. I am proud of his dedication. He is definetly growing up WAY to fast. His voice is changing and he's offically taller than me. I dont think I was ready for all this. I am beyond proud of what a great kid he is I just want to cherish every minute and its FLYING by. God has blessed Craig and I with an amazing life and children. Life is GOOD!!
This last pic is of our master shower I had tiled for Craig's bday. He LOVES it. It was a standard shower board shower before. Wish I would have gotten a before pic.

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