Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Do you know why I love Jesus so much"

I know it's has been ages since Ive posted but life is just crazy busy. Something came up yesterday though, that I told myself I never wanted to forget. Since the reason I started this blog was to give my kids something to look back on I wanted to make sure and put it on here so I would NEVER forget. On our way home from gym last night Pate randomly says "mommy, do you know why I love Jesus so much", I said no, why? She said "because he chose you to be my mommy". It literally left me speechless for a few seconds. Maybe bc the biggest lump formed in my throat. Those are words I will never forget. Pate was our "reason" for so many unanswered prayers and God reminds me of this daily. He knew from the begining what was meant to be for us and that "reason" couldnt be any sweeter. God is SO good and his light here lately has shown so brightly in so many ways in my life and I know its his was of saying "Ive got your back, I told you I would be by your side through it all", and believe me HE has!! Life is good and so is HE!! Now, my goal is to get back on here by the end of the week and update update update!!! Let's see how that goes! ;0)


  1. Love, Love this! So glad you took the time to blog it. It's always nice to look back and remind yourself of what God has done!

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    1 John 4:8
    He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.